About me


I grew up in London and am still based there, though I’ve escaped its orbit from time to time. I was a teacher for five years, and have worked for charities in prison since 2010. For a while I was a volunteer manager for Fine Cell Work. I loved my work there, went on to be asked to write a report for the government on how to boost levels of volunteering in prison, and from 2016 I’ll be doing a year’s postgrad study, perhaps on a similar topic.

Among many other things, I’m a Quaker, a film buff, a music fan, a reader, and do my best to be an independent thinker. If I had more money I’d spend more time travelling, but I’m lucky and enjoy life where I am too. I also like cycling and tinkering with my bikes.

About the site

This blog and what I want to post here has changed over time, with many fallow periods when I post almost nothing. At one time I used the site as a kind of personal journal, but as I grew more mature I became less comfortable with having so much personal stuff online, and my work in prisons has also given me pause for thought about how much of myself I wish to publish. Following a careful edit and a long period of being ‘under maintenance’, the site is now active again. In the future I will probably post here less frequently if at all, since I try and keep my work and personal writing separate, and maintain an anonymous blog elsewhere for the kind of freeform, creative and experimental writing that I still enjoy.