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Last week was Quaker Week, when British Quakers make an extra effort to do some outreach and talk to the world about who Quakers are and what we do. I was on holiday, so I thought that perhaps my contribution could be to ask people on Facebook if they wanted to ask any questions about Quakerism.

The resulting thread was so much fun (to write and read) that I decided to repost a screenshot here, so that it disappears from view a little more slowly than on Facebook, where it has already been pushed down the timeline by much less interesting forms of noise.

Quaker week Facebook thread

4 thoughts on “Outreach on Facebook

  1. Thanks Ben for people’s questions seriously and giving very full answers. Spread that delicious jam of Quaker knowledge on that Worldy bread!

    1. That is an image and a half! Personally, I was relieved that it got onto puns and silly jokes at the end – it all felt a bit serious at one point! But I was glad to have the chance to follow people’s interests, being away and having the time and all….

  2. With reference to your comment that Geoff joining up in 1938 didn’t fit with your image of him, I suspect it’s all about his perception of the rise/expansion of Germany in the preceding years and everything else that was going on around that. The “everything else” didn’t exist in 1989, but Mum and I will always remember his response when asked didn’t he think the fall of the Berlin Wall was fantastic news. He simply said that it all filled him with the most dreadful foreboding. Old perceptions die hard!

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