Holborn in motion

An assignment from my photography course: images of motion. Panning the camera to follow moving things is easy once you get the hang, though getting a well-composed shot outside Holborn station was a question of patience: the vehicles of all kinds were competing with each other for space, in the photo as in life. These are probably the best three, all of cyclists.

Holborn 2

Holborn 1

Holborn 3

2 thoughts on “Holborn in motion

  1. I particularly like the first of these, with the cyclist clear and almost still against the background of the rushing traffic. Though I remain astonished that people cycle in London without helmets, and the insouciance of the woman with her shoulder bag is impressive!

    1. That was definitely the best, yes! I had a few palpitatious moments looking at these. I cycle in London all the time, and yet it looks a lot more dangerous when you see it from the outside….

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