What’ll be on here and how to follow it

I’ve started this so that friends and family who want to can follow my progress and news.  At least for the first few months of the blog, it is likely also to be a travelogue, with my impressions and experiences in Ethiopia, as well as my musings on packing.  I’m also going to try and put up anything else I find interesting such as other websites, blogs, and so on as I find them.

What follows in this post is mostly technical info on how to follow this blog.  Apologies to those who are technically able if what follows is blindingly obvious.  For newbies to this blogging malarkey, you might want some information on how best to use this brilliant aspect of the web.

So, if you want to follow my peregrinations and pontifications, you can simply check the blog manually by visiting www.benjarman.info.  But how will you know when there’s new stuff on here?  I have set it up to post updates to Twitter and Facebook when I have posted something new.  If you are not following me on those, here are some links: Twitter and Facebook.  Or the easiest way in my opinion is to use my feed, a machine-readable link to new content that you can then add to a personalised news reader service, such as Google Reader.  This will, whenever you log in, tell you when there is new content on whichever feeds you have chosen to follow, and will save you the bother of going round lots of websites seeing if they have any new content added recently.  Think of it as a personalised cuttings service that delivers a range of new content so you don’t have to read the whole Internet – a good thing.

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