Oct 022014

Sometimes life throws me an in-too-deep moment, where my illusions of being a rational, sensible being in control of its life are overpowered by chaos. My day so far: arrive at office luxuriating in the thought of the cup of coffee I am going to make find there is no coffee left curse gently make tea go to desk begin work on fiddly data cleaning job feel intense frustration at fiddly data cleaning job push papers to one side with annoyance at their fiddliness in process, sweep cup of tea over, filling keyboard with tea curse liberally while draining keyboard onto desk curse liberally while mopping up tea feel pleased Read full post >>

Jan 262013

A couple of weeks back I wrote about the prison closures that had been announced, and my concerns about their impact on prisoners. My visits to the affected prisons earlier this week suggested these concerns were well-founded. I’ve written a post on the work blog about it, which you can view by clicking here.

Nov 252011

This is probably mainly for those with an interest in criminal justice, but I’ve been blogging for work about the implications of desistance theory for the commissioning of services in the criminal justice sector. If you want to read it, click here. Before you get to the article you will need to register on the Clinks Network, which is free.

Aug 022010

I have now met quite a few of Richard and Katy’s friends, all working in Addis for various international development organisations, from Medecins sans Frontieres to CARE to Oxfam to the Clinton Foundation (!).  All that I have spoken to on this agree on three main points: 1. Education is the specialism to focus on, since it’s where my skills and experience lie;2. Finding work is going to be hard and may take time;3. Someone out there will definitely see my CV and decide they could use me.  However, it is a case of keeping the faith and waiting for my break.  Getting my name known is important, and making Read full post >>