Nov 252011

This is probably mainly for those with an interest in criminal justice, but I’ve been blogging for work about the implications of desistance theory for the commissioning of services in the criminal justice sector. If you want to read it, click here. Before you get to the article you will need to register on the Clinks Network, which is free.

Sep 222011

Intro This post is adapted slightly from a presentation I made at a job interview recently.  The interview was successful, and I start the job in a fortnight or so.  The job is with a network of voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations who work with offenders in the criminal justice system (CJS), and Payment by Results (PbR) will affect their work.  I’ll learn more about it, and post more content, as time goes on.  But I thought this would be a good chance to outline how I see PbR, and the challenges and opportunities that it poses.  As I learn more about it, and about how the VCS reacts Read full post >>