Apr 152013
Deeply in Deptford

So I’m here! I’ve had just over ten days in the new flat now, and while I need to get a sofa, my pictures are not up, and it’s going to take weeks and weeks to get phone and internet installed, I’m pretty well settled now. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived on my own, or had my own place, but it’s amazing how quickly one adapts to these things; already I’ve taken to it so well it’s hard to think about how things were before. The move wasn’t all smooth. It was never going to be when I had to fetch stuff from three locations, and that was Read full post >>

Dec 242012
Decluttering, part 3

Something I am looking forward to greatly in 2013 is having my own place again. The move to Deptford will be the sixth since July 2010. It’s time to slow down and settle. For most of that time, most of my stuff has been in storage. Stashing it away in a barn felt odd; the things that had surrounded me for years were going into abeyance, temporarily not part of my life. Would I manage without them? By and large, the answer has been ‘yes': I have felt light and footloose, and have had access to enough essentials not to notice that I wasn’t using my cooking pots or listening Read full post >>

Sep 272010

There’s a lot to be said for having freedom and means, being able to decide what to do depending entirely on how the spirit moves you.  Unless you are massively wealthy and unable to become bored by a life without routine and work, the life of leisure can’t last forever.  But my mood since finding out that I had got the job in Brussels and would start there on the seventh of October, has been different to the one that prevailed for a week or two after returning, empty-handed and jobless, from Ethiopia.  Free of job worries and anxious contemplation of how I could support myself without the dreaded return Read full post >>

Jul 272010

A real feature of the last few weeks has been a feeling of inbetweenness.  I have this whole life that it feels I am walking away from, at least for the time being.  Its hallmarks have been steadiness, certainty, knowing where the next pay packet is coming from and when I’ll have the time and means to get the washing done, and other things like that.  It has the advantage of security and the disadvantage of familiarity, even boredom.  Ahead lies the something very different: uncertain, contingent, risky.  Even dangerous, if you look at it through certain spectacles.  In the last few weeks I’ve mainly been focusing on moving house, Read full post >>

Jul 222010
Why I'm the luckiest man in the world

I’m writing from the midst of a chaotic mess of dust, dead moths, items I want to throw away, and half-filled boxes, the detritus of my attempts to get my entire life into a van and thence to storage.  But what I really want to write about today is the people who have stood around me in the last few difficult months.  Breaking up with someone you love and seeing your plans for the immediate and distant future turn to dust is not easy to take.  Apart from a few shaky moments, I’ve managed to be fairly stoical about it since April.  This is partly because I’ve been able to Read full post >>