Jul 052013

Ever since I’ve worked in my current job, one of the largest demolition jobs I’ve ever seen has been going on across the road. When I started last September, there was a huge building – a city block, effectively, opposite. Then diggers started to appear, lifted onto the roof by cranes, vast in size but small against the sides of the building, like flies on a rhino’s hide. They started drilling and bashing and carrying and bulldozing, and over several months the building became an enormous pile of rubble. Conveyor belts on caterpillar tracks came along, seeming to move the spoil from place to place; water jets sprayed it to Read full post >>

Apr 152013
Deeply in Deptford

So I’m here! I’ve had just over ten days in the new flat now, and while I need to get a sofa, my pictures are not up, and it’s going to take weeks and weeks to get phone and internet installed, I’m pretty well settled now. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived on my own, or had my own place, but it’s amazing how quickly one adapts to these things; already I’ve taken to it so well it’s hard to think about how things were before. The move wasn’t all smooth. It was never going to be when I had to fetch stuff from three locations, and that was Read full post >>

Mar 022013
Holborn in motion

An assignment from my photography course: images of motion. Panning the camera to follow moving things is easy once you get the hang, though getting a well-composed shot outside Holborn station was a question of patience: the vehicles of all kinds were competing with each other for space, in the photo as in life. These are probably the best three, all of cyclists.

Feb 192013
Relics in the mist

I’ve written before about times when life serves up an unexpected treat, something you might be lucky enough to catch if you have your eyes open and are carrying a camera. For me, a lot of those moments seem to happen on bridges in London.

Jan 302013

I’ve started a photography evening class, to try and make sure that some of what I do with my free time doesn’t resemble work. When I was a teenager I did quite a lot of black-and-white film photography. I was not a terribly happy teenager at boarding school, and like many teenagers I used to retreat to a dark room to get away from myself. There was something I really liked about the methodical nature of the work: developing films, finding my way around in complete blackness and in red light, and watching the images appear like magic in the developing tray. Later me and my dad built a darkroom in Read full post >>