Oct 072013
Outreach on Facebook

Last week was Quaker Week, when British Quakers make an extra effort to do some outreach and talk to the world about who Quakers are and what we do. I was on holiday, so I thought that perhaps my contribution could be to ask people on Facebook if they wanted to ask any questions about Quakerism. The resulting thread was so much fun (to write and read) that I decided to repost a screenshot here, so that it disappears from view a little more slowly than on Facebook, where it has already been pushed down the timeline by much less interesting forms of noise.

Mar 242013
Chester Zoo

Last weekend I had a lovely day at Chester Zoo with some friends of mine I was visiting for the weekend. The visit was a pleasure – these were old friends I haven’t seen properly for a long time, who have a young family and lots of love and stability to offer them. I felt privileged to spend time with them. This gave me the chance to take some more photos, the best of which are below. You can view the whole lot by clicking here.  

Mar 052013
Offline (Decluttering, part 4)

I’ve stopped using Facebook and Twitter for Lent. I thought this might prove difficult, given how easy it is to log in and spend time on them without really meaning to. But it’s not. Change the passwords to something random you can’t remember, don’t tell your browser, and remove anything from your phone that might push a notification into your pocket and make your ears burn. Social media works by making you think that you need to be connected, need to be fighting off messages with a repost here, a witty comment there, a rebuttal there. But you don’t need this; you didn’t need it before you signed up for Read full post >>

Sep 062012

Those who’ve seen me lately know the reason for the extended period of radio silence on this blog: a tempest of a relationship leading to a shipwreck of a breakup. I only mentioned the relationship once here. How naïve that I wanted to clear space in my life for it. I’ve tried to write about this situation a number of times, only to leave the posts as drafts: this one incoherent; that one too angry; another too confused. With the benefit of hindsight, things became bad early, carried on worse, and ended terribly. From early on, fearful that I would find no one else, I managed genuinely to convince myself that it Read full post >>

Jun 192012
Weddings, weddings

I recently attended two weddings, each of a close friend. The reception for the second was at the same venue as mine would have been. My thoughts turned inwards and backwards, towards my own brush with matrimony. The last time I went back to this place, I felt very upset, haunted by the passing of time and the changing of circumstances. This time, I had a few moments of wanting to wander away from the celebrations and have a quiet moment to myself, but was won back again by the company of friends. My feelings were the same – I still love the place, and I still regret some of Read full post >>

Mar 162011

I’m not sure why I’ve been away for so long.  I’d say I haven’t had time, but you can always make time for things when you’re motivated, so let’s just say I haven’t had the motivation to blog for a while.  Things have certainly been busy, especially at the weekends; since the start of February every weekend has been taken up: I’ve had the family visiting and went to an excellent gig with my sister, two weekend conferences in the UK, and friends visiting Brussels for the last two weekends.  Things have felt as if they are starting to settle in with work, as well; the report I’ve been writing Read full post >>