Mar 022013
Holborn in motion

An assignment from my photography course: images of motion. Panning the camera to follow moving things is easy once you get the hang, though getting a well-composed shot outside Holborn station was a question of patience: the vehicles of all kinds were competing with each other for space, in the photo as in life. These are probably the best three, all of cyclists.

Jul 032012

In the last 14 days, I have had: one bike stolen one close escape from a taxi driver who chased me for 3 miles from Westminster to Battersea one collision with a pedestrian who walked in front of my bike in Clapham, without looking one collision with a car which turned out of a side road to my left in Battersea, without looking Incidents three and four happened today. Here’s the car that collided with me. How many months of incident-free cycling do I now need to rack up before my luck reverts to the average?