Oct 272014
Writing for pleasure

Inspired by a Facebook post from a former colleague, in which she enthused about a free online course done through FutureLearn, I’ve decided to try out a course for myself. It’s called Start Writing Fiction. I love to write, as anyone who’s seen me drafting the most innocuous of work emails can attest. Something about finding the right word or phrase gives me such pleasure. I know that people enjoy reading what I write, as well, because they tell me so. I have the gift of being able to take events and ideas from my life, and to say things about them in a way that people find engaging. Yet Read full post >>

May 122012

I’m writing this to give a little plug to the excellent Destressed Life blog, which I’ve been following with interest for some time. It’s written by someone called Chris, and many of the recent posts concern a prison sentence. It gives an account of his life, arrest, conviction, journey through the prison system, and subsequent homelessness, but also for the fact that the most recent few posts have been written by his father, which capture some of the uncertainty and difficulty faced by families. The posts are long, but they are honest and compelling. I think they are really worthwhile if you have an interest in prison issues or good Read full post >>

Apr 042012
Decluttering, part 2

When I first sat down to write this post, I immediately left the window open, got up, and started tidying. I tend to tidy when I have other things I want to do, even if they are important. One way to think about this is as procrastination. Another way is to think of it as clearing the space necessary to focus on one thing, other distractions having been removed. It’s a way of focusing, or simplifying. Sometimes I feel guilty for not getting on with the main task, but at other times I just go with it, knowing that once I have mentally readied myself, I will get to the Read full post >>

Nov 172011

Regular readers will have noticed a totally new look. The old theme was buggy and was giving me a number of problems, and while I liked it for usability, maintaining it was eating far too much time. So for the time being this is an off-the-shelf version. I may experiment with some others so that I can stop worrying about appearance, and start writing more.

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Sep 222011
benjarman.info has a new look

As you can see I’ve been doing some work on the site.  It’s now moved off Blogger and onto a self-hosted WordPress site, which gives me the ability to do a lot more fun things with the layout, widgets, and general usability. It’ll probably evolve slowly as I learn to do some more interesting things with CSS and PHP, and get the hang of the massively configurable, and complicated, theme that I’ve used for both this and the site I built for work.  But unlike that site, it needn’t remain under wraps until it’s ready, not least because I’ve not been adding any content to the blog since at least Read full post >>