Dec 042012

I’ve just come back from a meeting of the charity trustees I work with, trying to set up a community chaplaincy project in South London. This has been an interesting venture for me. I was invited to get involved, and initially did so because I thought it might mean some CV points. I bring my own point of view to the objectives but I buy into them enough that I was prepared to give it a shot. The work has not always been easy, and I’ve had moments of thinking I might quit. But today we had a big fillip – some news that we had secured most of the remaining Read full post >>

Apr 142012
Money and gift

I remember first encountering the idea of a gift economy at university, during a course on the anthropology of religion. The idea of obligation interested me: where such an economy exists, there is an obligation to give, an obligation to accept, and an obligation to reciprocate. My tutor used an example to explain: imagine that you open your front door in the morning to find a parcel on your doorstep. It is clearly wrapped as a gift, and labelled as beingfor you; there is no indication who it is from; and the contents, when you open it, turn out to be highly valuable to you – not trivial, not a Read full post >>

Sep 222011

Intro This post is adapted slightly from a presentation I made at a job interview recently.  The interview was successful, and I start the job in a fortnight or so.  The job is with a network of voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations who work with offenders in the criminal justice system (CJS), and Payment by Results (PbR) will affect their work.  I’ll learn more about it, and post more content, as time goes on.  But I thought this would be a good chance to outline how I see PbR, and the challenges and opportunities that it poses.  As I learn more about it, and about how the VCS reacts Read full post >>