Jan 262013

A couple of weeks back I wrote about the prison closures that had been announced, and my concerns about their impact on prisoners. My visits to the affected prisons earlier this week suggested these concerns were well-founded. I’ve written a post on the work blog about it, which you can view by clicking here.

Jan 102013

At the office today we received the news that two of the prisons where we work are going to close. We heard through the BBC, having had no previous warning. I have my views on the closures, which I posted to my Facebook profile earlier but have since removed, since on reflection I think it’s better to keep them to myself. I don’t speak for the charity. A friend has, however, posted the text of a letter he wrote to his MP after reading my original post. His letter reminded me that while governments are elected, entitled and expected to take difficult decisions such as these all the time, they Read full post >>

Dec 152012

Back at the start of November I went to Secret Cinema. For those that don’t know, it works like this: you buy a ticket and turn up at a predetermined location in character and in costume; details of who you are and what you should wear are sent out to you in advance, like a fancy dress party. You are then plunged into the world of the film you are going to see. Locations have been found that resemble the film. For two or three hours events from the film play out and you’re right in the middle of them. It’s very realistic, with high production values and lots of Read full post >>

Dec 042012

I’ve just come back from a meeting of the charity trustees I work with, trying to set up a community chaplaincy project in South London. This has been an interesting venture for me. I was invited to get involved, and initially did so because I thought it might mean some CV points. I bring my own point of view to the objectives but I buy into them enough that I was prepared to give it a shot. The work has not always been easy, and I’ve had moments of thinking I might quit. But today we had a big fillip – some news that we had secured most of the remaining Read full post >>

May 122012

I’m writing this to give a little plug to the excellent Destressed Life blog, which I’ve been following with interest for some time. It’s written by someone called Chris, and many of the recent posts concern a prison sentence. It gives an account of his life, arrest, conviction, journey through the prison system, and subsequent homelessness, but also for the fact that the most recent few posts have been written by his father, which capture some of the uncertainty and difficulty faced by families. The posts are long, but they are honest and compelling. I think they are really worthwhile if you have an interest in prison issues or good Read full post >>