Oct 072013
Outreach on Facebook

Last week was Quaker Week, when British Quakers make an extra effort to do some outreach and talk to the world about who Quakers are and what we do. I was on holiday, so I thought that perhaps my contribution could be to ask people on Facebook if they wanted to ask any questions about Quakerism. The resulting thread was so much fun (to write and read) that I decided to repost a screenshot here, so that it disappears from view a little more slowly than on Facebook, where it has already been pushed down the timeline by much less interesting forms of noise.

Mar 052013
Offline (Decluttering, part 4)

I’ve stopped using Facebook and Twitter for Lent. I thought this might prove difficult, given how easy it is to log in and spend time on them without really meaning to. But it’s not. Change the passwords to something random you can’t remember, don’t tell your browser, and remove anything from your phone that might push a notification into your pocket and make your ears burn. Social media works by making you think that you need to be connected, need to be fighting off messages with a repost here, a witty comment there, a rebuttal there. But you don’t need this; you didn’t need it before you signed up for Read full post >>

Jan 302013

I’ve started a photography evening class, to try and make sure that some of what I do with my free time doesn’t resemble work. When I was a teenager I did quite a lot of black-and-white film photography. I was not a terribly happy teenager at boarding school, and like many teenagers I used to retreat to a dark room to get away from myself. There was something I really liked about the methodical nature of the work: developing films, finding my way around in complete blackness and in red light, and watching the images appear like magic in the developing tray. Later me and my dad built a darkroom in Read full post >>

Feb 042011

Here is my new favourite toy.  Have a play when you have a spare hour.  Quite apart from its elegance and beauty as a means of displaying information, it reminds me of the potential of new technology and the astonishing generosity of the people that design it and make it openly available for all to benefit from.  It’s an antidote, however temporary, to cynicism and jadedness.

Oct 282010

I have spent a significant amount of time since I got here trying to get my phone unlocked by o2.  After all the grief, hours of wasted time and farcically inept customer ‘service’, and just as I was on the verge of sending my phone back to the UK so that my parents could tap in an 8-digit code to unlock it (because that’s what o2 told me I had to do), well…. I’ve only gone and done the bloody thing myself with the help of an internet phone-hacking site!  This has saved me €30-odd, though I can’t get back the many hours I spent on the phone to those Read full post >>